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Dealing with the Loss

| Part 1 of the topic-series »Trying to conceive after a miscarriage«

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As already announced, our topic-series shall, inter alia, give you an idea of how important it may be to seek psychological assistance after a miscarriage – in particular when the couple still shares the desire of having children. The initial focus will be on dealing with the experience of loss.

A miscarriage is not just that an existing pregnancy does not develop any further, but the intense longing and desire for a child are shattered, at least temporarily. This is why every miscarriage is a traumatic event.

Therefore, it is completely understandable in human terms that, as a result of the tragic situation, the couples concerned are looking for causes and “culprits”.

Thus, the first task of psychological counseling is to help the couple reduce the drama in order to be able to look at the problem from a different angle. On the one hand, this approach makes it possible for the couple to create a perspective that serves the purpose of coming to terms with what has happened to them. On the other hand, techniques from trauma therapy offer valuable support with a view to mastering the challenges of the next attempt (possibly including IVF treatment), without the couple having to suffer from their previous experience of miscarriage .

Therefore I would like to contribute in a following post my experiences gained from working with couples affected. By doing this I will also provide you with an insight into my activities as a clinical psychologist.

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