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Support through hypnosis

| Part 3 of the topic-series » Trying to conceive after a miscarriage«

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Depending on the intensity of the desire to have children, a miscarriage may have a shattering psychological effect for those concerned. This is often perceived as an additional pressure, particularly in cases where fertility treatment is reconsidered to realize the dream of having a baby. Thus, the question arises as to how we can support these patients and relieve the mental strain on them. Medications can only be used to a very limited extent when it comes to alleviating the psychological effects of a miscarriage.

However, specific forms of hypnosis enable the mental and emotional processing of experiences and, at the same time, can alter traumatic memories stored in our body. In fact as you know, our body’s memory “never forgets anything”. These hypnotherapeutic techniques take full advantage of the human brain’s excellent ability to process painful experiences. In this way, a “relief effect” will be achieved, thus altering the body´s memory, for the brain maintains a “constant dialogue” with the rest of the body. If desired by the patients and following appropriate counseling, hypnotherapy may be used before starting or during a further treatment cycle.

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