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About Fertility-Treatment BLOG

Dear Readers,

30 years ago Prof. Dr. Herbert Zech founded the IVF centers of the same name and, as a pioneer in the field of reproductive medicine, has continued to set benchmarks. We will continue to focus on maintaining the highest standards of quality in terms of know-how, technology and science in order to help couples making their heartfelt wish of having a child come true.

This pioneering spirit is reflected in all our activities, including our Fertility-Treatment BLOG. We aim at providing a unique platform for women and men who wish to conceive a child as well as for physicians, media representatives and anyone else who may be interested in the subject. Our BLOG authors and IT professionals are highly dedicated and motivated to provide first-hand information.

We want the prepared topics to be comprehensible and therefore our perceptions and arguments are based on scientific findings. Furthermore, we intend to describe insights and experiences and critically challenge and evaluate different approaches.

IVF Centers Prof. Zech Team

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