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Fear of injections?

by | Published on 20. July 2013, in Treatment.
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If so, you are only one among many! For many patients, the start of an IVF treatment is associated with a great deal of discomfort, since the regular injections of hormone preparations present a major challenge to them. This is perfectly normal and absolutely understandable.

Most patients, however, will get used to giving themselves injections after having overcome the demanding initial phase. After all, the injections bring you closer to fulfilling your dream of conceiving and giving birth to your longed-for child.

Unpleasant requirements

First, the bad news: The administration of follicle-stimulating drugs is indispensable to the successful IVF treatment outcome. Our therapies are based, among other things, on the intramuscular and subcutaneous administration of hormone preparations.

You are NOT all on your own with that one!

Many of those who are at the beginning of an IVF therapy feel overwhelmed by what lies ahead of them and they have the feeling to be unable to cope with these challenges. This feeling is absolutely normal and quite understandable.

And now for the good news: We do not leave you alone with your fears and concerns, but instead intend to walk this road together with you. In addition to the optimum information about the entire course of treatment, we are gladly at your disposal and offer the possibility to discuss possible upcoming problems – or just lend you a sympathetic ear.
Our website is another important source of information as well as this video on the subject of „Intramuscular Injection“. These theoretical instructions are intended to give an idea of what awaits you.

However, if you still do not feel able to give yourself an injection, this task can be performed by your partner or, for example, a medical assistant.

Rules of the game

In order to give yourself intramuscular or subcutaneous injections with proper care, you have to adhere to certain rules. In any case it is appropriate to initially have a health professional present (physician, nurse etc.) who may explain the practical part in detail and provide answers to all relevant questions. This includes, inter alia:

  • How to correctly withdraw medication from an ampoule.
  • What should you pay particular attention to?
  • How to determine the correct injection site.
Hygiene is of crucial importance

Prior to an injection, it is absolutely essential to properly disinfect the skin area to be injected.

First step: Before you arrange everything you need, disinfect your hands, since they are particularly densely populated by bacteria.

Second step: Disinfect the skin area to be injected using an appropriate skin disinfectant. Remember to stroke in one direction only.

Third step: Each time you draw up medication from an ampoule, make sure to use a new cannula (injection needle) in order to avoid cross-contamination. Reusing needles may cause them to become blunt and the sharp needle tips, designed for the smooth injection of medication, may wear out. Using needles with a worn-out point may cause the injections to be painful.

NOTE: For intramuscular injection you must use a 40 mm needle, having a diameter
of 0,8 mm (green cannula).

Goal achieved

If your unease with regard to self-injections still persists, I will now provide you with the best “motivation injection”: All these strains serve to fulfill your long-cherished dream of having a child! If your pregnancy test is positive, you will know that all the efforts have been worthwhile.

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