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An impuls towards parenthood

Hormonal stimulation in fertility treatment


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Precisely tailored to the woman’s individual situation, her body is prepared for pregnancy prior to receiving fertility treatment. The ovaries are stimulated with hormones, which is an important first step towards the long-awaited child.

The targeted administration of hormones is intended to induce the maturation of multiple follicles, each containing an oocyte. In medical terms, this kind of treatment is referred to as ovarian stimulation (→ details).

“The fear of doing something wrong”

Before and during treatment, the IVF patients often have to deal with a lot of impressions and information. At times this may be rather confusing for them and, even provoking the fear that they might do something wrong. This is particularly true for ovarian stimulation. After being thoroughly informed and instructed at the IVF Center, the patients are required to perform the stimulation by themselves at home. The treatment can only be continued in the event of a successful outcome of the stimulation, i.e. in the presence of oocytes that can be fertilized by the partner’s sperm (→ entire treatment procedure divided into 10 steps). This is why hormonal therapy should be carried out by faithfully following the instructions. For this, of course, there is help.


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The stimulation plan provides guidance

Thanks to a stimulation plan determined by the treating specialist, the couple knows the schedule as well as the details of the stimulation.
Hormones in the form of drugs are administered by injections to be absorbed by the body in the best-possible manner. Correct handling is absolutely crucial here and already starts with the proper preparation of the drugs.
(→ video tutorials can be very useful here).

Depending on the drug, the injection is administered either subcutaneously (under the skin) or into a particular muscle (→ details).

In conclusion, there are a few things to which close attention should be paid when undergoing hormonal stimulation in order to provide a decisive impulse towards realizing the desire to have a child.

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